Effective Public Affairs Strategies: Tailored Communication with Government and Legislators

Our services include:

  • Communicating with Government and Legislators
  • Navigating the complex web of Government, Public Policy, Law-making and Regulatory Authorities
  • Generating and exerting constructive influence where it matters with decision-makers, influencers, lawmakers and regulators that really count
  • Defining and tailoring the message: we style your written communication tools and submissions to the expectations of Government, Legislators and Regulators
  • Presenting your case clearly and effectively including through authoritative white papers (as a key approach)

Our Guiding Hand: the knowledge, experience and expertise to take you through the labyrinth of the Executive and Legislature.

We can target Government Ministers, Whitehall/Departmental Civil Servants, Downing Street Officials, Special Advisers, Select Committees, All-Party Parliamentary Groups and Constituency MPs on your behalf.